Squarespace to WordPress migration


Squarespace to WordPress migration

Squarespace to WordPress migration by The Sardine News

Squarespace to WordPress migration by The Sardine News

The fact that Squarespace performs so poorly at SEO, is reason enough to migrate to SEO champions…


The fact that Squarespace make 6 copies of each of your uploaded images, and rename them to an SEO nonsensical name, makes every image of yours useless to search engines or researchers, is even more reason.

Add to this, that there are no options to add tags, keywords, metadata or anything else vital to good SEO ranking, anywhere?! The biggest reason?

With Squarespace, you come last on the SEO autobahn, every time.

If the above isn’t enough to deter you, then try to migrate with your own imagery. They don’t allow it?! Your only choice is to manually download each image, but only after you find the original renamed image via URL modification, to get the high resolution originally uploaded.

Some people don’t see that website builders, like Squarespace and Wix, are for people who know nothing about the web or how it works. And are therefore susceptible to taking the easy way. Losing out on all the things that allow you to tweak and maintain, to get ahead with search results, and therefore directly, business.

WordPress powers more of the web than anything else. But it’s not easy. That’s why you hire a professional, to get you going. Sometimes this can take a week, a month, or even a year. You can choose your pace whilst we hold your hand through the adventure.

Migrate to WordPress.

Every day you don’t, you are missing out on potential business.

We are standing by to assist you with your WordPress website and online marketing campaign.

Our flagship website is The Sardine News on http://thesardine.co.za, where we showcase and experiment with new and trending technologies.

We are currently busy with the following WordPress websites, with SEO and semi-autonomous content marketing campaigns built-in, for the following clients (works in progress):

And the following clients have their wings and are happily flying around cyberspace all on their own lately:

There are many more if you are interested.

To chat further about improving your business’ rankings and visibility on the web, get in touch with Sean on umzimkulu@gmail.com or WhatsApp +27793269671 anytime really.

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