Integrated website, e-commerce and POS

This is a slick and easy turnkey solution for your small business, that integrates your online presence, your e-commerce shop, and your physical selling space. Reporting and operation in real time from any connected device. Even all smartphones. Outputs to any printer.

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Integrated website, e-commerce and POS

The Sardine App store is now offering an Integrated website, e-commerce and POS application, that can be easily and quickly plugged into any business.

It starts with a website.

Then an online store.

And then a POS interface that works on your computer, laptop or smartphone (any).

And prints to any printer you like. *Quotes. *Invoices. Receipts. Reports. Pricelists. *Even custom reports.

Does stock control.

Is accessible online from anywhere.


User-friendly and intuitive. You will love learning WordPress for free (it’s included)!

*extra work required may incur a cost, you will be advised at the time and given options

* this offer only applies to the software and setup. NOT the data capture of all products. That can be quoted on separately as this data capture can run into thousands upon thousands of products.

This system can work great in a fast moving consumer goods store. And the database files are interchangeable with any other POS system. However, in lodges, restaurants and other small businesses, this system will save you a fortune in time, resources and therefore money.

The installation takes some time and is best done on site. With a little training, you will be up and away and ready to add as many products or services as you like, in no time flat.

We will support you with this installation, for the first year, included in the price. Thereafter you can take advantage of yearly support plans we can tailor make just for you and your business requirements.

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