Banner Ad Campaign and Indexed Web Page


A starter campaign with The Sardine News – to get you in on the search engine action and get your info out there! Includes an SEO indexed landing page, and a form for feedback/enquiries – plus 20 000 banner exposures to the guests of The Sardine News.


Banner Ad Campaign and Indexed Web Page 1 Year

“Have some marketing fun!”, with a banner ad campaign and an indexed web page on The Sardine News. Which can be found by search engines, especially if your keyword is unique enough.

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“The Sardine Newspaper is a constantly growing collection of feature stories, in-depth articles and updated reports on fishing, diving, and surfing along the southern African coast.
It’s also a focused collection of keywords, key phrases, and meta tags, optimized and promoted for top position search engine listings.
The association of your business and these cool/trending activities sets you apart from simple directories or searches, ensuring greater credibility and exposure within our interest groups – and the entire world wide web. “ does not use any other weird or dated practices to increase search and discovery results, other than pure content and with ongoing targeted SEO keywords and phrases. This is looked at, in a very good light, by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and everyone else that matters.
The following schematic shows that content leads to search results and brand exposure, which in turn lead to you…if you create content with us, it completes the cycle and you will be very well represented on the internet and to our community.

Our traffic is mainly from Southern Africa, United States, Australia, Europe and the East…China and Indonesia. These regions jostle for top position, but the Americans are strongest…it is such a massive market. China growing in every sphere, reflected on the internet.

This clearly demonstrates that people are encountering when researching surfing, fishing and diving subjects from abroad.
This campaign runs for a year and includes:
  • SEO indexed and social platform promoted landing page
  • 20 000 banner ad exposures on
  • A contact form for potentials to get in touch

Content Marketing

Content marketing is so cool as it encourages you, the business owner/manager, to keep communicating with, and growing your fan base. This is easily done with photos, relevant articles, promotional items…even pics of fish you are your staff catch, will throw you into the limelight. Staff parties, product launches…take some pics, write us a few notes, and we will work it into the content stream in a relevant and apt way.
We offer a service to make sure your post gets right out there. Post by post.
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