MYDO SS Lanispoon 1200


The MYDO SS Lanispoon 1200 is an advanced interpretation of the original MYDO spoon range, developed in the eighties. The new material, the lateral line holes, the shape and action – all contribute to an exciting and successful all new fishing lure. There is nothing like it!

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MYDO SS Lanispoon 1200 (1.5 Oz)

This refined and perfected MYDO SS LaniSpoon is the result of years and years of evolution. From the first version, designed and produced by Brian Davey in the eighties, to these – ultra high grade 316 stainless steel lightweight and lively Lanispoons range.

MYDO SS Lanispoon range consists of the 550. the 650 and the 900 (mm).

MYDO SS Lanispoon range consists of the 550. the 650 and the 900 (mm). And now the 1200!

Stainless steel is so much more lively and durable than any other spoon materials – it bounces over reef and rock, ducks and dives through waves and currents – and still casts for miles.

The carefully placed lateral line holes in the Lanispoon enhance performance by allowing air through in big casts, creatingf bubbles and commotion and imitate a real fish with lateral line, gills and an oversized eye.

Different retrieves create different actions:

  • hard on the surface: bubbles and spray fly as the Lanispoon skips and dives through chop and waves
  • twitch and wind: violent direction changes as you decelerate, and a beautiful butterly flutter as it drops
  • slow on the bottom: drags through sand causing commotion and amplified underwater sound

The sound is a factor at all retrieve rates and actions.

The flash of stainless steel is both bright yet natural looking.

The action depicts that of an injured, fleeing fish.

The perfect weight means you can use your favourite rig.

Tip: force some bait into the lateral line holes before you cast – you will never believe your increased strike rate…!

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