MYDO Livebaitswimmer #1


MYDO Livebaitswimmer Couta Traces feature heads in differing weights enabling you to put your live baits into the water column exactly where you want them. Rigged light with #6 wire and #4 4X VMC trebles.


MYDO Livebaitswimmer #1

Our MYDO Livebaitswimmer #1 is designed to help keep bad behaviour in your live baits – in check. By adding just the right amount of weight for your drift or trolling situation in the water column, you can have your live baits held apart in solitary confinement easily.

Less tangles equals more fishing and keeping live baits swimming in formation and away from each other can be quite a task, as mackerel and shad vie for dominance in their escapades.

Then, when your live bait dies of fright as a predator moves, it’s no problem as the Livebaitswimmer is a baitswimmer based on Brian Davey’s fish swimming thesis, and the offering will carry on performing upright with a gentle swimming action nad  never spinning! Even if you up the speed on the troll to chase a shoal of fast moving gamefish or a baitball – no problem, up to 4 knots or more can be handled easily – even with a nice juicy jube-jube bonito attached to the Livebaitswimmer.

MYDO Livebaitswimmers are not IGFA compliant. Regular MYDO Baitswimmers are, and can be purchased unrigged for you to twist some simgle hooks on. Using the pin to hold a frisky livey onto the pin can be helped with elastic band, when fishing IGFA.

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