MYDO Baitswimmer # 4 Couta Trace with Billplate


The MYDO Baitswimmer # 4 plus shiny stainless steel Billplate rigged and ready to catch fish. This 3.5 Oz Baitswimmer can handle a bait from a pinkie to a 3kg bonito and gets you working the bottom echelons of the water column effectively. Without the need for downriggers or drop-a-way weight rigs.Watch out for rock cod!


MYDO Baitswimmer # 4 Couta Trace with Billplate

MYDO Bait swimmers make it so easy to swim a bait perfectly straight, and at the right depth. Their hydrodynamic foil design features, impart a side to side swimming motion to the bait, bring it “back to life!”.

Add a custom Billplate – add more flash, action and depth!

Weighing in at a bottom fetching 99 grams, this MYDO can handle any bait up to 30cm or more. It is also ideal for long baits like walla walla and silkies (wolf herring) – bend the pin into a round shape to handle the long bottom jaws of these fantastic baits, and get them down there to where the big fish hunt.

This lure has gathered more followers than Facebook as it has for decades assisted many an angler in making his best catches. Rigged with single hooks, and powerful wire, in this IGFA compliant presentation, you can can break the spirit of any fish. They have been tested to hold out at 60kg’s of drag, if need be. Watch out Amberjack!

MYDO #4 Couta traces are available rigged Heavy. Heavy is # 7 leader and # 8 droppers to 5 X #2 Trebles.

Additional information

Weight0.155 kg

Heavy, Light

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