MYDO Bait swimmer # 5


MYDO Baitswimmer # 5


MYDO Baitswimmer # 5:

Originally designed for trolling tuna or big bonito for marlin, we have been using this model and the one above it, the # 6, for easy and tangle free bottomfishing.

Rig a bait onto this Baitswimmer and send it straight to the bottom. Even when on anchor, the hydrodynamic shape of the head get’s you down quicker and straighter than with normal sinkers.

We have been catching yellowtail, amberjack and huge rockcod with this baitswimmer.

It is also very effective as a downrigger and can be adapted to many uses and functions.

Additional information

Weight0.03 kg

Red, Pink, Green, Blue, Orange

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