MYDO Bait swimmer # 3


The MYDO Bait swimmer # 3 introduced a host of new catches taken on our couta baits. As this bait swimmer, the first ever made, took us down to the depths, we started featuring yellowfin tuna, all sorts of kingfish, jobfish…stuff we never normally took on old style couta traces. We were now fishing a whole new zone in the water column!


MYDO Bait swimmer # 3:

The absolute original, this MYDO Baitswimmer can handle a small bonito and is perfect for bigger baits around the 20cm size. It was the first MYDO invented in the late 80’s by Brian Davey, and forms the basis on which all MYDO baitswimmers and jigheads are made.

Slow trolling for couta or fast trolling for tuna…put a bait onto one of this Mydo – knowing it will swim perfect every time!

Using a # 3 increases your target range of fish big time. When this revolution came along, fish that were normally out of reach whilst couta fishing, all of a sudden were hitting our deeper, perfectly swimming baits. Yellowtail and amberjack. Kingfish. Even some trophy reef dwellers like outsized yellowbelly and catface rockcod. Even kob and geelbek have been taken on # 3 Mydos.


Additional information

Weight0.070 kg
Dimensions5 × 5 × 5 cm

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