MYDO Bait swimmer Couta trace # 2


The # 2 MYDO Baitswimmer Couta trace rigged lighter and ready to go…#6 Leader, #7 droppers to #4 5X trebles and a power swivel. Standard equipment on #2 and #1 MYDO Couta Traces.


MYDO Baitswimmer Couta trace # 2

The original Baitswimmer…

The next size up Bait swimmer features a pulling eye and is available rigged and ready!
It is suited to smaller baits around 12cm, but will swim a 30cm shad or bonito, no problem.
Rigged light the #2 is great for Natal Snoek and Couta, and your perfect little bait (red-eye sardine, mackerel, sardine, shad) can be trolled surprisingly fast – the faster you pull it, the better the action!

Features & Benefits

Pulling eye and pin – Easy to rig and maintain – super strong
Patented MYDO action –  Imparts a swimming action to your bait
Hydrodynamic keel shape – Bait does not spin
Bellyshine and Candy Colours – Create contrast for extra visibility and shine
Oversized eye – For fish to target
5 X Treble hooks and stainless steel wire – Tough enough for all of them tough and toothy predators

Additional information

Weight0.080 kg

Red, Green, Orange, Blue, Pink


10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 30cm

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