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MYDO SS Lanispoon Three Pack

MYDO SS Lanispoon Three Pack 550. 650 and 900


The MYDO SS Lanispoon – a highly technical product designed to maximise your light tackle fishing experience. Lateral line holes allow air through for huge casts, and cause bubbles and commotion on retrieve. Different speeds and retrieves make for completely varied and exciting action.

Available as a promotional item for a limited time only, you can get the 550 (1 Oz), the 650 (2Oz), and the 900  (2.5Oz) in a package deal at R180-00!

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MYDO SS Lanispoon Three Pack

The MYDO SS Lanispoon Three Pack is available as a promotional item for a while.

You get one of each, the 550, 650 and the 900.

All professionally rigged with split rings, swivel and a hook.

MYDO SS Lanispoon range consists of the 550. the 650 and the 900 (mm).

MYDO SS Lanispoon range consists of the 550, the 650 and the 900 (mm).

This new range of MYDO SS Spoons was developed for light tackle spinning with your favourite outfit. The smaller 550 is a dreamy spoon for working flats and shallows and in and out of gulleys and over reefs and ledges.

The 650, at 1.5 Oz suits most of our fishing along the beautiful Southern African coastline. It’s perfect size puts you in the game for kingfish, shad, garrick, bonefish, yellowtail…and other inshore surf zone and estuary species.

Then the 900, which at 2,5Oz can be thrown right over the horizon to where the big fish roam.

  • A slow twitching tip action produces a violent swimming action that emulates an injured and desperately fleeing fish.
  • Go a little faster and the spoon veers sharply on deceleration and acceleration.
  • Crank on the surface for amazing bubbles, spray and commotion.

The twin blades produce sound and you can jam the holes and flaps up with crushed bait to increase your strike rate phenomenally.

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