Mydo Lure Pouch 85 x 100 mm


Mydo Lure Pouches now available. Strong PVC and Velcro construction. Protect your lures. And protect your crew from your lures! No more tangles in your tackle box or on your boat. And can be used to protect sunglasses and other valuables.

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Mydo Lure Pouch 85 x 100 mm

Mydo Lure Pouch - The original baitswimmers love their new packaging

Mydo Lure Pouch – The original baitswimmers love their new packaging

“Mydo says NO to single-use plastic!”

With some seriously sharp pencils and concern for the environment, the team at Mydo Lures has turned their packaging challenge into an opportunity.

By producing re-usable plastic lures pouches – that NEVER get thrown away!


  • resilient and tough clear PVC
  • Velcro seal that breathes
  • versatile and adaptable to many uses
  • attaches lure to rod
  • sizes for all lures, spoons to konas
  • punched hole that can take a tether


  • NO more tangles
  • keep your lure and hooks away from innocents
  • tidy your boat or tackle box
  • transparent means you never waste time looking though bags for your favourite lure
  • puts a lot more stuff into the same sized place

If it’s efficiency and safety you are after, this is your enviro-friendly solution. In use the lure pouches are a pleasure – all sorts of loose ends find their way into them. You can see everything in them. And hooks are all safely tucked away now. But it’s the adaptability to all aspects of you day to day fishing life – that really is endless.

Other applications:

  • yozuri/sabiki control
  • sunglasses
  • cellphone or radio (no, they are not waterproof, but will stop scratches and scuffs for sure)
  • cash and cards
  • documents
  • cables and electronic equipment (chargers, plugs…)
  • toiletry bag
  • pencil case

The list goes on and on…

You can order right here, and we will send by PostNet at R99 for up to five kilograms.

Learn all about the Mydo brand and it’s long history at…


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