MYDO Lure Pouch Special – 4 for R100 incl postage


R120.00 R100.00

MYDO Lure Pouch Promotion! 4 Real handy pouches for R100! Including postage! Read all about it!

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MYDO Lure Pouch Special – 4 for R100 incl postage

125mm x 250mm

Mydo Pouch with hard plastic lure

Mydo Pouch with hard plastic lure. Treble hooks safely out of the picture now!

This rad new innovation from MYDO Fishing takes on and sorts out many fishing challenges. Clear PVC with Velcro seal means everything is now far more organised, and safer.


  • wrap up your live bait traces, lures, hook, jigs – to protect your crew and yourself – on the rod or on the deck, things are just so much safer with those super sharp hooks stashed behind some heavy duty plastic
  • in your lure bag, you will be so much quicker to the exact lure and colour combination you are after – you can see everything so easily, and nothing can tangle if it is neatly away in a lure pouch
  • splash proof and protect your phone whilst out there, your car keys, cards, cash…

There are in fact no end to uses for these cool pouches once you have a few. They add so much to your fishing day. Even just in your car. Your desk. Things become so organised.

MYDO Handy Pouch

MYDO Handy Pouch

We are running this promotion for the month of October, as we get the all-new product onto the shelves of the 90 or so shops around the place, that stock the Mydo range. If your local tackle shop doesn’t stock Mydos, please put them in touch with us so we can sort that out!

Or buy right here! Use the Tackle menu at top to browse the Mydo and Gummy range of contemporary tackle for the current season.

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Using the good old post office means your cool little package of pouches will take a few days to get to you.