MYDO LuckShot Twin Pack #1


MYDO LuckShot Twin Pack #1

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MYDO LuckShot Twin Pack #1

Two MYDO Luck Shots in a neat convenient twin pack.

These super powerful and reliable articluated dropshot heads give you many advantages and benefits;

  • bigger casts as the lure folds over on itself and flies
  • More successful fish fighting as the articulated lure allows for twisting and flexing
  • violent direction changes induced by twitching the rod tip

This lure does not swim straight!

Different retrieves mean varied swimming actions…

  • slow constant: gentle side to side swimming motion
  • drag on the bottom slowly and twitch to throw up sand with the wide lure face
  • medium jigging produces an action just like that of a fleeing wounded fishy
  • crank it on the surface and it performs like a plug dragging a trail of bubbles and commotion wherever it goes

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