MYDO Luck Shot Mini #2 (Kob)


An amazing development in the world of drop shots and trick baits. It just can’t go straight! It ducks, dives, swirls, splashes, flies, flails…everything a seriously in trouble baitfish would be doing.


MYDO Luck Shot Mini #2 (Kob)

The newest development from MYDO Lures – the MYDO Luck Shot Mini #1…weighing in at 2 and a half ounces…rigged with a jerk bait, and available in all the MYDO Bellyshine and Candy colours.

This model called the Kob version, is rigged for maximum hookups. The super sharp 7/0 or 8/0 Baitholder is offset giving more hookups and the baitholder barbs keep your plastic in the right place for ages.



  • hydrodynamic articulated design features create radical swimming motion. It flails, ducks, dives, wobbles, splashes…and works on any retrieve. Change retrieve often for best results.

  • weedless design gets you dragging in and out of bottom structure.

  • weighing in at two and a half ounces, you can flick these lures way out there with accuracy, even into the howling wind.

  • fits any paddletail, trick bait, worm… The #2 Luck Shot Mini has 8/0 or 9/0 Mustad O’Shaugnessy singles for power pulling (Luck Shot tested to 55kg’s drag!)

  • target literally all kinds of fish…just cast, drop, jig…troll…drift…just make sure one is always in the water…whatever you are doing, the MYDO Luck Shot Mini will be doing it’s job of mimicking injured and struggling fish.

  • perfect eyes for predator fish to home in on.

  • made in all the MYDO Bellyshine and Candy colours.
  • comes rigged with one paddletail or trick bait

July 2016 This fish was too tired to let go…so we ate him!


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