MYDO Luck Shot Mini #1 S (3/0 hook, 4 inch plastic)


Another MYDO innovation, this time in the world of drop shots and trick baits. This new lure just cannot go straight! It ducks, dives, swirls, splashes, flies, flails…everything a seriously in trouble baitfish would be doing.

(3/0 hook, 4 inch plastic)


MYDO Luck Shot Mini #1 S (3/0 hook, 4 inch plastic)


MYDO Luck Shot Mini – It just cannot go straight!

MYDO Luck Shot Mini #1 S

(3/0 hook, 4 inch plastic)


An adaptation of the MYDO Baitswimmer concept, that energises your bait with random radical action and movement in the water. The bait flails, swerves, ducks and dives…but never spins. At high speed it breaks the surface like a kona or a plug, and envelopes itself in a bubble of air that discharges a smoke trail behind it like a comet, as it dives back through the water.


  • hydrodynamic articulated design features create radical swimming motion. It flails, ducks, dives, wobbles, splashes…and works on any retrieve. Change retrieve often for best results. It just cannot go straight!

  • can be rigged for weedless requirements…just change the hook to whatever you think is right for your target fish and waters

  • weighing in at 1/2 ounce and 1 and a half (two sizes), you can flick these lures way out there with great accuracy, even into the wind.

  • fits any paddletail, trick bait, worm…and is rigged strong with a 6/0 single hook for the saltwater guys and a 5/0 for the bassers and other freshwater targets.

  • target literally all fish…just cast, drop, jig…troll…drift…just make sure one is always in the water…whatever you are doing, the MYDO Luck Shot Mini will be doing it’s job of mimicking injured and struggling fish.

  • pronounced hand painted eyes for predator fish to home in on.

  • made in all the MYDO Bellyshine and Candy colours.
  • comes rigged with a MacCarthy plastic bait
  • does not lever itself out of the fish during a fight like regular stiff dropshot heads do


  • gets you working the entire water column
  • puts action into your bait at any speed
  • 0.7 ounce head gives you accurate and big casts
  • hooks fish in the corner of the mouth for easy release
  • strong hook sites in the right position further back down the bait

Tips and advice

  • use a heavy nylon leader tied with a Rapala knot. This gives the lure freedom to act, reduces foul ups when casting into the wind, and increases your chances when fighting a big fish

The lures come with a free plastic bait fitted and ready to cast.

To see the Mydo Luck Shot Mini in action, check out the video below…

In the testing and development phase of the Mydo Luck Shot range, we caught the following species…

  • Salmon (kob),
  • grunter,
  • rock salmon,
  • flagtail,
  • seapike

…in the estuary and off the shore, and then out at sea…

  • yellowfin tuna,
  • queen mackeral,
  • bonito,
  • sarda sarda,
  • salmon,
  • rockcod…

…this was over a two month period of testing the lures…many thanks to testers: Mike Stubbs, Brian Lange, Simon Fish, The Gallagher kids, The Frenzy, Paul Cook, Elvis Olimpio…

Additional information

Weight0.02 kg
Dimensions15 × 5 × 1 cm
Hook size

3/0, 4/0, 5/0

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