MYDO Luck Shot # 1


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The MYDO Baitswimmer # 1 is adaptable to many fishing requirements. In this getup, the # 1 rigs a plastic for drop shot fishing, with a single hook, right back in the body of the plastic. You can use your favourite short shank heavy duty hooks too. You must be tired of the useless hooks on normal drop shots by now. And their positioning so close to the head?!

You can rig two hooks into the plastic using the # 1 baitswimmer.


MYDO Luck Shot # 1

The MYDO Luck Shot range starts with the 1.7 ounce (42 grams) #1 – for casting and jigging in shallower waters, or to fish on the surface. It takes any plastic bait that completely comes to life when stuck onto the MYDO Luck Shot, an adaptation of the incredibly successful MYDO Bait Swimmer patents.


Tie your favourite hook onto your leader. Get that hook into the nose and right down into the body of the plastic, to where you want the hook to be. This ain’t easy, but you can get that hook in the tail if you go hard enough. Now thread the leader through the MYDO Luck Shot #1, choosing either of the two pulling holes. The front one is for very high speeds, the top one for fishing deeper, slowly. Stick the pin up through the chin of the plastic and assemble. Bend the pin forward. Tie your leader to your main line, or clip, or swivel. And off you go. Great for cheeky shad.

Using the MYDO Luck Shot #1

Cast, troll, jig or drift these versatile lures and work more of the water column as the weight of the MYDO Luck Shot gets you there and back without fuss. The weedless hook positioning gets you in and out of structure and under the noses of ambush predator fish. And when you hook up, it’s in the corner of the mouth where minimum damage occurs to the fish for quick release or deployment as live-bait.

To give you an idea of what a real baitswimmer does, take a quick look underwater with us…

Watch this video of a MYDO Luck Shot # 2 with a 6 inch paddletail being trolled reasonably fast, around the Umzimkulu River lure testing track…

Targeting different species…


Skipjack and Yellowfin Tuna from a boat

The willingness to swim of the MYDO Luck Shot also means you can just leave it out there on the drift as the rolling motion of the boat is transmitted to the lure – resulting in a confused, jerky and erratic movement by the Luck Shot. But casting it into the shoal, or trolling it in your spread, means you have a real string rig out there, reliable and strong rigged with powerful hook(s).

Liam Gallagher hoists the very first fish caught on a MYDO LuckShot - this Sarda Sarda that took the new lure while the rod was stationery in the holder on the drift!

Liam Gallagher hoists the very first fish caught on a MYDO LuckShot #2, during development – this Sarda Sarda that took the new concept lure while the rod was stationery, in the holder, on the drift!

Daga Salmon / Kob / Mulloway / Kabeljou from the shore

Casting into the surf at night is the best plan for shore anglers after the Daga Salmon. The weight of the MYDO Luck Shot # 1 is 42 grams, an ounce and a half of casting magic. Retrieve very slowly, often dragging along the bottom, where the salmon see the sand and action and attack accordingly. A few jerks of the tip during the retrieve add to the flash and action and sand churned up – it’s an old technique refined.

6 inch Paddeltails or Trick Baits in lighter colours, especially translucent blues and whites, have produced the most fish at the Umzimkulu River mouth. The Orca never lies either.

Garrick / Leervis from the shore

Casting into the surf at first light anywhere on the KZN coast in winter puts you right close to the garrick. Leervis as they are called in the Cape, love plastics. Work your bait fast and slow, and very erratic, to entice an excited garrick.

Shad, kingfish, pompano, queenfish, queen mackerel can all be targeted with this lure. Change your plastic to suit your quarry.


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