MYDO Luck Shot #2 Single


The MYDO Luck Shot articulated drop shot head available unrigged and in a twinpack. Versatility and reliability are the main attributes of the Luck Shot heads – change your retrieve for dynamically different actions, and carefully select your colour and style plastic bait.

The 9/0 hook (rigged for Tuna) makes sure of your hookup and fish. Also available with 7/0 hook for kob.

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MYDO Luck Shot #2 Single

The MYDO Luck Shot #2 Single gives you the freedom to rig whatever plastic you like. And the strength to pull as hard as you can. Tested to 50kg’s.

Fitted with 9/0 Kendall Round Bronze hooks for the Tuna specification, and a 7/0 for Kob, you can really match up some big tackle and get your fish out before the taxman gets involved. This counts big time during the kob run, and on deeper reefs like Protea – where a 30kg tuna needs to be pulled right out from an ugly hungry bad mannered Bronze Whaler’s mouth – often!

Weighing in at a handy 1.7 Oz, these articulated drop shot heads enhance your arsenal with their versatile applications and varied swimming actions…

  • slow on the bottom – drags through sand and over obstacles creating a commotion that kob just have to investigate
  • medium twitch – on the deceleration, the lure veers violently in random directions
  • fast on top – the lure breaks the surface and pulls back down with it a huge trail of bubbles and commotion that tuna and garrick just can’t say no to

Rig with your favourite plastic – paddletail or jerktail or split tail or whatever! In your carefully chosen colour…

And cast for miles.

At 1.7 Ounces, you can put this dropshot over the horizon – and it casts much smoother as it’s articulated join allows the lure to fold over on itself – becoming more streamlined and less inclined to helicopter and spin. It lands with a bomb like splash that every fish a hundred metres around will hear and home in on.

When the fish start showing on your sounder near the bottom – just let your Luck Shot go as it swims itself to the floor in no time. Jerk it around and it behaves like an injured and confused fish – darting left and right aswell as up and down. Juice it with a piece of sardine or other bait, and you are pushing your strike rate up even more.

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