MYDO Dorado Pack


The MYDO Dorado Pack contains all you need to target the ‘chicken-of-the-sea’. And it all comes wrapped in a cool plastic tackle box with lure pouches keeping you organised.


MYDO Dorado Pack

The MYDO Dorado pack contains all you need to target dorado on the East Coast of Africa.

It comes with a detailed booklet instructing you on exactly how to turn the best results from your Dorado Pack.

You can expect a mix of the following ingredients, in your convenient plastic tackle box, with lure pouches, which are all included in the price;

  • baitswimmers
  • livebaitswimmers
  • stripbaitswimmers
  • LuckShot Jigheads
  • SS Spoons
  • Daisy Chains
  • Lure pouches
  • BONUS pack
  • sticker pack
  • instructional booklet and e-Book

The pack can easily last you a season – if you don’t catch too much that is! Replacement parts are readily available from Mydo at Or use the Tackle menu item on The Sardine News.

None of Mydo packaging is for throwing away. All our lures come in re-useable PVC pouches that seal with velcro, and can be used to keep your tackle box tidy, over and over again. Some of the bigger pouches can be applied to the lures whilst they are still on the rods. Keeping treble hooks far away from fingers or anything else. Great for launching with, carrying, or transporting your tackle!

Catch Mydo on Facebook at and see the catches as they happen.

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