MYDO Buck Shot # 2


The MYDO Buck Shot # 2: All new combination of the MYDO patented swimming action, and the fiery flash of a buck-tail jig – the # 2 Buck Shot will put you right in the action, from bass to salmon to sailfish.

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MYDO Buck Shot # 2

The newly developed MYDO Buck Shot # 2 combines the fiery flash of a buck-tail fly and the radical swimming action of the baitswimmer head, to produce a lure with a deadly swimming action, and lots of flash.

As with the Luck Shot Mini lures, retrieval is applicable to your fishing situation. Gamefish out at sea love the hard and fast erratic motion the baitswimmer works up when it is being cranked. And bass and kob (daga salmon), who like the slower retrieval with the odd twitch. Scraping the bottom when it’s obstacle free really kicks up a fuss too.

The buck tail fly is attached to the baitswimmer head by extra strong split rings, which add to the felxibility and flash that this lure generates.

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