Advanced Surf Launching Course

Learn advanced surf launching techniques with professionals. Decades of experience at your disposal. This is a practical course that takes place in the surf zone.


Advanced Surf Launching Course

Our advanced surf launching course is based on one thing. Giving you experience.

It’s a week-long, practical, hands on instructional course. Your boat and venue anywhere in Southern Africa. Or oursĀ (surcharge applies).

We will launch and retrieve a number of times. Through the tides and weather. You will be well versed in driving a boat through waves, by the time you are through.

Instructors with decades of experience have laid out the course material;

  • towing on the beach
  • tides
  • boat configuration
  • checks
  • shorebreaks and wave timing
  • dry launch
  • wet launch
  • river mouths
  • in-the-surf checklist
  • getting through
  • riding a boat out at sea
  • unseen hazards
  • return through the surf
  • hitting the beach
  • retrieval
  • emergency procedures throughout

This is all covered in the practical exercises designed to give you the experience, first hand. But you will receive a book containing the information, from the outset, and for you to keep as reference.

Corporates looking to train larger groups are catered for.

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