Casa Kev


Casa Kev is the ultimate off the grid holiday home for you to enjoy in Tofo, Inhambane, Mozambique. Self catering luxury with all amenities, and enough space for everyone! R2800 per night in season. We can make a deal for out of season requirements – just get in touch!


Casa Kev

Casa Kev is the ultimate in off the grid living. Gas fridge and freezer. Gas hot water. Solar lighting. The place is cool.

Double story and huge, bedrooms all over the place. Sleeps 8 to 10. Massive bathroom downstairs, small one up. Great views out over a well-preserved and maintained piece of paradise. Trees. Palms. Birds.

And a two-minute walk up and over the dune presents you with breathtaking views of Praia do Tofo to the south and Barra to the north. And out front of you, the magical playground of a tidal lagoon, filled with magic. Starfish and shells give way to shoals of tropical and colourful fishies. In the caves and fissures are bigger fish and anemones and all sorts, all this within the protection of a reef.

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