MYDO SS Tarpon 4.6mm (2 Oz)


These spoons were made to swim! And this is a real heavyweight that casts like a bullet. Their patented design and action is based on a surfboard’s concave underneath to a kick in the tail allowing for severe directional changes. The eye, gill and lateral line holes right through the spoon make for serious bubbles and a smoke trail, and huge reliable casts as the holes allow the air through at such high speeds.

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MYDO SS Tarpon 4.6mm (2 Oz)

The MYDO SS Tarpon design in thick 4.6mm gives added advantages…it can be cast for miles or fished as a jig, from the bottom to to the top right through the entire water column.

  • radical swimming action with severe direction changes
  • cavitation and bubble holes make for a big splash and smoke trail
  • huge transparent eye and gill plate
  • optimum casting weight (2.0 Oz/70 grams) and huge casts with the aerodynamic profile

The MYDO SS Spoon Tarpon can be used to catch the following: shad/tailor/elf/bluefish, leervis/garrick, tuna and bonito of all kinds, mackerel of all kinds, kingfish of all kinds, tarpon, bonefish, chanos chanos, queenfish, snapper, rockcod, kob/salmon/weakfish/drum…

Change the retrieve for completely different actions and disturbance.

  • Slow: a gentle swinging action perfect for shad  – drags through sand with maximum disturbance for kob
  • Medium twitch: comes alive magnificently with the twitch – sudden speed variation produces violent direction changes – create a butterfly-like swimming action with your gentle jigging retrieve, variatign speeds all the time
  • Fast: the holes down the lateral line create a maelstrom of bubbles with water spurting up in the air creating even more disturbance and commotion

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