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MYDO Couta Collection

a Huge couta by Marc Lange - 35kg's, one of three over 30kg's Marc got this super fishing day

R2,000.00 R1,400.00

The MYDO Couta Collection. All you need to catch big king mackerel. With instructions (free e-Book)!


MYDO Couta Collection

The MYDO Couta Collection. All you need. To catch really big couta. With instructions! (PDF e-Book with each purchase).


  • live bait catching jigs
  • daisy chains
  • live-baitswimmers
  • baitswimmers
  • spoons
  • luck shots

All tackle comes in MYDO Lure Pouches, as can be seen in the gallery below.

The value of the tackle in the box is upwards of R2000. But we are running a cool couta catching special at R1400! For a limited time only!

And comes as a mix of the following;

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More about Mydo at http://thesardine.co.za/mydo/

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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