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Garrick Fishing Weekend Port Shepstone

Ian Logie Garrick Umzimkulu


Take on the mighty Garrick (Leervis) at the Umzimkulu River mouth. June to October. Winter gamefish time!


 Garrick Fishing Weekend Port Shepstone


This package includes 2 nights at The Umzimkulu Marina (not restricted to weekends btw), plus three fishing Garrick Fishing trips, guided and bait included!

When the Garrick (Leervis) arrive at The Sandspit, a world renowned rock and surf fishing spot, they arrive in numbers. And once they spawn (September/October) they are hungry!

Live bait, plugs, spoons, plastics…the Garrick come right into the mid and shore break as they hunt shad, mullet and the seasonal sardines…all sorts of baitfish are available to the Garrick and to us…catching livebait can be as much fun as fishing for Garrick!

Although you need to bring your own rods and reels, spooled with new line…we will tie the leaders and rig the traces etc…if you want us to. We catch bait in the Umzimkulu River and then fish them live just out front below the bridge. It’s easy fishing, and quite comfortable, perfectly safe. We go by boat so you can bring the kitchen sink. On calm evenings we can braai!

It is quite feasible to fish in the ocean on one side, and then in the river a few metres away, at the same time. All sorts of fish are regularly caught in the river…rock salmon, kob, kingfish and even oxe-eye tarpon.

Although our target fish is the mighty Garrick, we may also hook Kingfish, Shark, Rays, Sandsharks…June through October are great months for Garrick. Many other fish frequent this coast in the sardine season, which happens sometimes – June through August.

We have a minimum requirement of two people for this fishing adventure, and it’s all about the tides, the moon, the water, the barometer and the fish…so it’s by appointment only. Spectators pay half price, kids under 16 too.

Get in touch umzimkulu@gmail.com or +27 79 326 9671

Check out this really entertaining insight shot a few years back, right in the middle of the run…right on the Sandspit

And another really good fish bt Attie Van Zyl…shot at The Block early in the morning…

Please email Sean on umzimkulu@gmail.com if you want in on this core fishing experience, or you can try +27 79 326 9671.

Subject to availability!

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