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Bazaruto Fly Fishing Experience

Sailfish ladies eye the trophy at the Vilankulos Sailfish 2017

One angler R49 999 Two anglers R26 990 pp Three anglers R20 999 pp Four anglers R18 999 pp

We can take you to the edge of fly-fishing heaven and back. All kinds of species, all kinds of structure.


Bazaruto Fly Fishing Experience

The Bazaruto Fly Fishing experience is run on the spectacular waters of the Bazaruto Archipelago, a 20km run off Vilankulos.

Here deep, very deep water meets the continental shelf. The drop offs will make you afraid of heights! And the gamefish are forced up against these huge undersea features, into the melleeĀ of fishing action that Bazaruto is famous for. We will definitely, in a whole week raise you a few bills to throw your fly to. We are well versed in fly-fishing and the rules, so you can be confident of a great team to back you up.

And when the outside gets a bit choppy or unpleasant, that’s when the fun starts in the channels between the islands. Deep channels. Couta and everything swim in these places. Huge GT’s. Even sailfish come right inside and join the ongoing dog fights that go all literally all day. Natal Snoek, Queenfish, bonnies and yellowfin will smash your well presented fly.

Accommodation options are plenty. Get in touch to discuss…Sean on umzimkulu@gmail.com


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