Editorial Contributions

Editorial Contributions

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Meet the growing team that contribute to the making of thesardine.co.za...!

Are you a company with a website that needs content items urgently, for brand association or information dissemination? We have an experienced and punctual team eager to assist you...write to Sean on umzimkulu@gmail.com.

Featured Writers


Captain Duarte Rato


Captain Duarte Rato with bait...

Captain Duarte Rato with bait...

Highly acclaimed as a marlin fisherman extraordinaire, Duarte operates seasonally in the richest marlin waters on the planet. His amazing photography bears testament to his commitment, and can be seen gracing the pages of thesardine.co.za with photographs, stories and catch reports from Bazaruto, Madeira, Quilemane and other spots where the really big momma's hang out.

Duarte has caught two marlin in Mozambique - that weighed in over 1000 pounds – one went 1244lb's after two massive Tiger Sharks took a monstrous bite each. But most of his other billfish have been very fortunate as Duarte promotes a 100% tag and release rate – sometimes popping in 5 or more tags in a day!

Andrew 'Roosta' Lange

The Roosta being whipped in from the back back...at Dungeons (c) Craog Chapman

The Roosta being whipped in from the back back...at Dungeons (c) Craig Chapman

Controversial wandering global barrell freak Roosta has been rocking boats since he could write. Blogging for 'Zag and penning up many mainline stories for the print guys - Roosta's evolution into the digital content creation world has been fluid. Aside from writing for thesardine.co.za, Roosta is available as a freelance blogger/writer on roostar77@gmail.com.

Roosta resides in Sweden with his family (Jo and Malia) , a great base from which to operate. Within striking distance of everywhere!


Darrell Hattingh


Darrell hefts a replica of an Amberjack...

Darrell hefts a replica of an Amberjack...

A long time serving member of thesardine.co.za team (25 yrs+), Darrells' unique writing ability is eclipsed only by his incredibly deep talent as a marine artist and sculpture. Having spent most of his life holding his breath underwater – Darrell has seen every kind of fish swim past – most of them getting a spear sent through it just after – and this observation, of fish in their natural surroundings – gives him the perspective needed, to thump out his amazing work.

Well known as a spearfishermen worldwide, Darrell just needs a waterproof computer and he could send us live news as it happens...!


Sean Lange


Sean Sail 45kgfish

Sean Sail 45kgfish

Known as Shonalanga, Sean has been writing fishy stories for 2 and a half decades. Based in Port Shepstone, but known to disappear into Mozambique for months at a time – his finger is right on the pulse up and down the southern African seaboard.

Through the many contacts garnered on these travels, Sean produces a constant flow of news and content items, for thesardine.co.za and other social networks.

Sean has been involved in the internet from it's inception, and now specialises in producing content in association with content partners and contributors – that is optimised for search engine discovery and social networking.

Mike Stubbs


Largemouth Bass...

LARGEmouth Bass...

Fish hate this guy...!

Mike causes a riot in dams, estuaries, off the rocks and out in the deep blue. And now in the pages of thesardine.co.za...we welcome Mike on as part of thesardine.co.za team.

Mike is always fishing (in between work weeks) and spreads his enthusiasm over a wide range of disciplines...including bass...we wish Mike the best as he starts off the bass season again, in pursuit of the green blazer.


Photographers and Videographers


Florian Martinelli – specialising in underwater photography, Flo is a Divemaster working up and down the coast, for many years now.


Renske Massing – shoots great pics and video on her surfing adventures. An artist, scuplturist and specialising in restorations.


Captain Duarte Rato – 'nuff said


Sean Lange – 25 years on...


Craig Sinclair – right at the forefront and pushing the boundaries with social networks and Web 2.0 and 3.0, Craig produces content in all the right forms.Nuno Goncalves – a Portuguese ex-pat living permanently in Mozambique - between Maputo, Bilene and Tofo, Nuno has a depth of content and photographs to draw from.


Nuno Goncalves – a Portuguese ex-pat living permanently in Mozambique - between Maputo, Bilene and Tofo, Nuno has a depth of content and photographs to draw from.


Lee Martini – the original Babewatch dude...patrols beaches for a living, and is completely dialed in...


Admin Team




Jamie Edwards – works underwater in Tofo, Southern Mozambique, and gives us detailed conditions and fish sighting reports, for the area.

Debbie Smith - yes The Shark Lady herself! News and sardine reports from out of Port St. Johns, right in the thick of it all!

John Hughes (Agencia de Mozambique - AIM) – John is officially involved in news from Mozambique's own news agency. Based in London, John makes periodical tours to Mozambique, and supplies us with interesting and relevant items, on an ongoing basis.

Jason Heynes - too much time underwater makes for some entertaining reads from Jason. This is one guy that really use a waterproof tablet/smartphone! We'd get posts from 10 metres down.


Content Partners


Content partners work with us in producing relevant and interesting content, for our audiences. They are all engaged with us in their own SEO and Web 2.0 and 3.0 campaigns, taking and submitting photographs and video, press releases, promotional, and other cool content items.

It is this collective effort, coupled with the quality content from the above team, that enabled thesardine.co.za to attain 230 000 hits for 2013.


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