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All NEW Pelagic Gear available now!

All NEW Pelagic Gear Available Now!

Fishing’s Finest in Pretoria bring you the latest in Pelagic Gear.
Pelagic Aquapak Duffle Bag – R2,295
Pelagic The Mai Tai Sanda – R895
Pelagic Cyclone Hoody ll – R1,095
Pelagic Offshore Sandal – R995

Pelagic Eclipse Guide Shirt – Pro Light Blue – R1,195

Pelagic Eclipse Guide Shirt – Pro White R1,195


Pelagic Performance Visor – R375

Pelagic Aquapak Backpack – R2,295


Pelagic Gear by FIshing's Finest

Pelagic Gear by FIshing’s Finest

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Jordy Smith winning his Round 1 heat scoring a Perfect 10 JBay Winterfest. Smith will trying again at this years JBay Winterfest 2018

JBay Winterfest 2018 – All The Facts

JBay Winterfest 2018 Quick Facts

Matt Wilkinson © WSL/Cestari

JBay – The JBay Winterfest 2018 promises to be an action-packed two weeks of sports and cultural events, with an amazing line-up of competitions and happenings. The town of JBay will light up for this festival, with foreign competitors and media flocking into town for the festival, along with local competitors, media, spectators and fans, as all the various tournaments unfold.

Corona Open JBay Men and Women

Now entering its sixth year, the JBay Winterfest is anchored by the Corona Open JBay Men’s and Women’s Championship Tour (CT) surfing event at Supertubes, presented by the World Surf League. World champions, former event champions and everyone else on the CT will be present, including John John Florence, Kelly Slater, Jordy Smith, Filipe Toledo and tour rookie Mikey February. On the Women’s side we can expect Steph Gilmore, Carissa Moore, Lakey Peterson and Tatiana Weston-Web amongst others. The waiting period for the events are from 2-16 July.

Carissa Moore © WSL/Cestari

Other events include:

The Oakley X-Over.

This celebrity cross-over event comprises golf, mountain biking and surfing, and confirmed entries include Jean De Villiers, Butch James, Tonderai Chavhanga, Garreth McClellan, Ruan De Smidt and John Smit, to name a few. It will take place on 5-6 July.

Tom Whitaker © Kolesky/Nikon/Lexar

The Funduro.

Slake Adventures will be hosting their fifth JBay Winterfest Funduro this year. The main loop consists of 15 km single track and is measured as easy-medium in difficulty. The terrain will consist of both flat and technical riding. The new unridden terrain will be super fun with some surprises on the way. The event will take place on Saturday 7 July.

Funduro action © Kody McGregor

The JBay Windfarm MTB Classic.

Established as one of the top events on the Eastern Cape off-road calendar, the JBay Wind Farm MTB Classic promises to once again be a highlight of the JBay Winterfest.

Over the past five years, organisers of the JBay Wind Farm MTB Classic have worked each year to innovate and improve both the routes and rider experience. The event will take place 14 July

Photo © Jazz Kuschke

Endurade JBay X Trail Run

The Endurade JBayX is unique in concept, entailing 3 individual 20Km trail runs, all starting 12-hours apart, showcasing the best of the Jeffreys Bay area. The total distance covered will be just over 60km.

A 10km trail run and 5km fun beach run / walk will be presented on Sunday 15 July, starting at 9:00am and 10:00am respectively. Both these events will be suitable for families, friends, supporters and first time trail runners. This takes place from 13-15 July.

Coldwater Classic

Now in its 6th year, the Coldwater Classic forms part of the JBay Winterfest being held from 2nd – 17th July 2018 in Jeffreys Bay.

Swimmers can experience the thrill and challenge of swimming a triple mile in sub 15 degree water where swimmers wear one Speedo type costume, goggles and a standard silicone swim cap (English Channel swimming rules apply). This takes place on 8 July.

Skins Fishing Competition

The 6th Winterfest Skins Fishing Competition will be taking place during this year’s JBay Winterfest. This event has seen massive growth over the past five years and is now one of the biggest and most unique shore angling competitions in South Africa!

It is literately divided into six mini comps or ‘skins’ each lasting one hour. The person who catches the highest-scoring fish for that hour will win the R3000 cash ‘skin’ and any other prizes allocated to that skin. If it happens that no fish are recorded for any skin, the cash (and other prizes) will carry over to the next skin (this will then be worth R6000) etc. This takes place on 14 July.

More information on the JBay Winterfest can be found at

Co-sponsors include Oakley and the Kouga Municipality.

The event hash tag is #jbaywinterfest

The JBay Winterfest social media channels:



Instagram: @jbaywinterfest

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BCSS, WildBlue Expeditions, and MYDO fishing are collaborating on fish attack behaviour studies.

BCSS Underwater Observatory Project: predator kill behavior

BCSS Underwater Observatory Project: predator kill behavior

BCSS Underwater Obervatory Project: The first ‘croc couta comes in for a real close look but turns away right the last second. There are two of the +-20kg class fish circling the live bait with piqued interest. In a flash the hapless bonito has its tail sliced off. Blood streams out. Another fish circles and bang! The couta comes from in from below and chomps into the bait. Vas! But somehow he misses the hooks and another guy comes in and finishes off.

This action is all part of the Bazaruto Centre for Scientific Studies’ (BCSS) Dr. Mario Lebrato’s long-term ocean observatory project. One of only a handful worldwide, Dr. Lebrato is set to deploy a multifaceted underwater monitoring system. Cameras, sensors and a myriad of other sampling equipment will be installed all over the Bazaruto Archipelago. For long-term data recording and analysis.

Luckily, part of these underwater observations includes predator fish kill behavior. Trolling tow cams on marlin dredges and teasers, and right in front of live baits, is opening a huge new three dimensional perspective of a mostly viewed in 2D wake and prop wash. What goes on down there is gob-smacking. So many fish come in interested, but then shy away at the last minute, and move on. In fact, the plentiful and ever-present Zambezi shark is far more careful than the aggressive king mackerel. Tuna seem to be the most suspicious so far. Cobia are also wily characters. Talang queenfish get super excited about a live bait, but will not touch it! Then it grabs a lure! Amazing revelations about fish learning and behaviour.

Wait ’til you see the Zambies following the boat!!!

The hours and hours of material recorded will go back to Europe for careful analysis and processing into data.

Watch this space!

For more action from deep down off Bazaruto and surrounding waters, by BCSS, WildBlue Expeditions and MYDO Fishing, stay tuned!

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Nicky Momberg-Yellowfin-Tun

Nicky Momberg Yellowfin Tuna 77.7kg makes it two in a row off Shelley Beach

Nicky Momberg Yellowfin Tuna 77.7kg makes it two in a row off Shelley Beach

Nicky Momberg Yellowfin Tuna 77.7kg makes it two in a row off Shelley Beach.

77kg Yellowfin Tuna at Shelley Beach

77kg Yellowfin Tuna at Shelley Beach

Unbelievably another outsized yellowfin tuna by Nicky Momberg on Nitro. And I get the very rare chance of apologising for reporting that it was a charter boat that caught yesterday’s fish of 101kg’s. Nope, it was Nicky Momberg! On the good ship NITRO.

Congratulations again to Nicky and his crew.

Thank you to Craig from The Tackle Box in Shelley Beach for the photos and weight details of today’s remarkable yellowfin. Maybe the lucky boat Nitro will go out tomorrow and make it three in a row. A hat-trick that no-one would believe without photos that’s for sure!

And here is yesterdays groundbreaking fish all over again…crew in full glory…historical moment for all Shelley Beach deep sea anglers…dreams do come true.

100kg Yellowfin Tuna off Shelley Beach

100kg Yellowfin Tuna off Shelley Beach

Here’s to hoping these fish might have recently made KZN a place to come and show off their size. These are huge fish, double the size of anything anyones come with before.

At this stage, these fish were reportedly caught on lures trolled with 80lb gear.


This in from Nicky Momberg, on the fish he caught the day before – the 101kg yellowfin tuna…

“Thanks a lot. Was on a Pulsator Marlin Magnet Kona and we got it on the 1800 meter mark.  Took 1h:45 to land it.  Was my dreamfish for the past 10 years I’ve been fishing there and knew the fish would be there one day”

You can get your Pulsator tackle right there at the base. The Tackle Box have the best location ever for a tackle shop. Loads of parking. And just on the hill overlooking the launch, as you turn in from the north entrance. Signs everywhere.

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Bamboo Beach Backpackers in Xai Xai

Bamboo Beach Backpackers in Xai Xai

Bamboo Beach Backpackers in Xai Xai

If you’re looking for a backpackers in Xai Xai – you’ve found it!

Watch the video…

Bamboo Beach Backpackers is right on the beach at Xai Xai! It features a value restaurant and fun pub. Dorms, singles and doubles at the usual rates. Free tea and coffee.

But the main attraction is certainly the location. Right on Xai Xai Beach itself. The idyllic lagoon style bathing out front is safe and tranquil. The beaches stretch for miles each way and are adorned with features and attractions like rock pools and sandbanks. There is a protective barrier reef which at low tide is completely exposed. This reef runs for miles along the entire stretch.

There is all sorts to do and many activities available at Xai Xai. Deep sea or shore fishing. Scuba diving. Snorkeling. There are many places close by that you can visit by foot.

The infamous Limpopo River joins the Indian Ocean at Zongoene, down the beach to the south. Trips can be arranged. If you’re an avid sport fisherman or fly-fisher, then this is certainly a bucket list type destination. It is wild down there!

Getting to Bamboo Beach Backpackers is as easy as catching a bus. Bus travel in Mozambique has been upgraded phenomenally as of late. Safe and steady, the prices are also completely reasonable. You could get from Maputo to Xai Xai for about R200 or less, on these big new and comfortable busses. Maputo to Inhassoro costs about R300 one way, as a side note.

Getting in touch with Bamboo Beach from the outset of your travels is a good idea. They will arrange your pickup in Xai Xai and transfer to your new beach location.

Catch that sunrise!

“No eternal reward will forgive us now, for wasting the dawn.” – Jim Morrison

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