Anglers Bait and Tackle

Anglers Bait and Tackle

Anglers Bait n Tackle have really taken off now!

The new shop, or super shop, just up the road from the old shop, is awesome!

We will be visiting the premises soon, and will get updated pics, but in the meantime, this gallery was shot during construction, and shows how big and organised the place is.

Use this map to navigate by phone to the new shop, which you will not miss. It looks like the airport!

It is huge!

And filled to the walls with fishing tackle and equipment.

Saltwater and fresh. Whichever species you are after, you can get the tackle and the advice you need here.

For kids and adults the atmosphere is homely, entertaining and fun.

Abdullah, your host, is fishing mad too, so you will feel right at home. Tea is served continually and many spend far more time than intended, listening to the great fishing tales.

And between all of this, you can kit out completely, for your next expedition. And load up on advice and knowledge from the ever enthusiastic and experienced Abdullah.

Contact Abdullah by calling 011 394 1709. Or pop around to Kempton Park. Abdullah is the closest fishing shop to the O.R.Tambo airport.

Anglers Bait and Tackle stock the Mydo range, including the traditional gamefish Baitswimmer, the SS Spoon range, and the newly developed Luck Shot – which is rewriting drop shot fishing. The Luck Shot actually swims. Darting left and right, up and down, with an articulated hook to head join – this thing is wild. Watch the following video for a visual explanation…

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