Rock salmon, river snapper, red roman, mangrove jack…

Rock salmon, river snapper, red roman, mangrove jack…

February this 2020 – pro angler Shaun Begg joined us down in the mangrove associates, channels and mud-banks in the Umzimkulu Mouth area. To increase his already substantial species list. Before Lockdown 2020. And the rock salmon, grunter and perch were there.

Here rolls on one of the videos we were lucky enough to make when Shaun was getting really busy meeting up with the rock salmon down at the jetty, at the Umzimkulu Marina.

Shaun Begg having all the fun with that light tackle and fiesty rockie…

And it’s smack bang in the good rock salmon season right now. Not too cold in the river valleys yet. And the water is crystal clear in the rivers. Making for great lure fishing – casting or trolling along the channels is endless fun when the time is right.

This time of the year at the Umzimkulu is also very interesting in that the river slows with the dry season. And it actually shuts! Trapping the packs of gamefish therein. Garrick. Kob…all sorts of gamefish that use the rivers in winter!

Using a well presented and rigged live-bait is surely the easiest way to bag a nice rock salmon. Circle hooks increase hook-up ratios by a margin and we have converted totally to them now.

Otherwise, a well-placed sard-head is almost as good as a live bait and like a livey, anything serious will take it.

But the most fun has got to be slow-trolling the channels and casting in towards the mangrove associates on the shoreline, And watching a 5lb swirl turn into a volcanic eruption as the fearsome rock salmon let’s loose on the surface.

Ferocious in the strike. Is what made the fish legendary and deserving of yet another name – bestowed upon as an honour by the locals in Kwazulu Natal – ‘Nkulu-nKulu’.

Ok…over to the gallery, the reason we wrote this post, is that we wanted to compile a gallery of rock salmon / mangrove jack / river snapper etc… to make you lose sleep until Lockdown 2020 is wellll over and done with…

As you can well see, we are well obsessed with these fish and we just cannot wait for guests to join us down on the Umzimkulu River estuary mouth waters this winter season.

Where the nights are coooold, but the fishing is HOT!

Get in touch to arrange a weekend or a mid-week break even as we hope to get out of Lockdown 2020. Contact Sean on +27793269671 or email

There is more information right here. We have many options – we can just day fish on the river cruiser. Or night-fish. But it’s real cool when you stay at the Umzimkulu Marina. Since you are able to dial-in much better, and quicker. You can also fish non-stop from the jetty, which is honestly where most of the fish we catch, come from. it’s also where we net bait – prawns and crabs and things. And mullet! Almost every mullet turns into a fish.

We run a YouTube Channel full of fishing action, and you can stay in touch with us on our Facebook page.

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