Marlin identification by Captain Duarte Rato

Marlin identification by Captain Duarte Rato

If you are looking for a cool and informative read at the moment, then definitely give this one a go – Marlin identification by Captain Duarte Rato.

Follow the link below…

I asked Duarte to put together a quick guide on how to accurately and quickly identify the differences between our mighty black and majestic blue marlins. And he sure did!

Starting with characteristically typical behavioural traits…

Like…that first run. Duarte goes on to demonstrate a blue marlin’s anger under full steam – with a video insert. Of a blue marlin greyhounding in literally every direction winding up nearly in the boat tearing off hundreds of metres of line in the process. Just the sound of the ratchet in the video is worth clicking for.

Then Duarte goes on to explain the differences in the way blue and black marlin perform in the air. Subtle differences that when applied to the whole picture, reveal the true identity of what you have on the end of your line.

Biological differences are then detailed, starting with the bill and facial details. Shoulder width and girth. Weight distribution is important.

And then the easy clues. The shape and direction that they point, of the pectoral fins. And the fact that the pectorals of a blue can fold right flat against it’s body like a tuna. Whereas a black’s does not. However. There are differences to this rule, especially amongst smaller fish. And rigor mortis can confuse people even further.

The dorsal is another quick reference clue and will help as you put the picture together before shouting out “Blue!” or “Black!”.

And so is the shape and proportion of the bills. They are vastly different in shape and girth.

The gill rakers too, which have an untypable name – also factor into the equation.

The article carries images to demonstrate, and judging by the strong reactions on Facebook, really is going down well.

Keep up the good work Duarte! This article is a real cracker pal! – Xona

You can stay informed and in touch with the FishBazaruto crew as they ply the waters of Inhaca Island, right at this link. Out the back are some hectic reef and shelf features – in deep water – where the blue marlin can be found this time of the year.

Get in touch if you are keen to target blue marlin, next year though. We are fully booked for the Santa Maria / Inhaca blue marlin bite. An incidental bycatch are the striped marlin, and sailfish, that also favour the conditions and featured found out the back of Inhaca. Not to mention the huge wahoo!

Get in touch with Sean on if you are keen on any blue marlin action for next year, February through March. Inhaca and/or Santa Maria. Also available on WhatsApp on +27 79 326 9671.

Check out our Trips and Travel page right here, for all of our many options, to go fishing, in some exciting place in Southern Africa!

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