5 Year old girl and her Flagtail in Port Shepstone

5 Year old girl and her Flagtail in Port Shepstone

Flagtail for 5 yr old: Fishing families are just the most fun! By far! Mom and Dad. Two boys. One girl. And a carload of fishing tackle and equipment!

After checking in and settling in, the big old river cruiser was loaded up and set sail. For the mouth. Which was still open, but barely. With a cute little island acting as a bolster and slowing the tidal flow right down. We were just on the top of the tide, and clean ocean water had made its way into the area under the bridge and near the mouth.

Trolling all the way there from the Marina produced no action and so we slid gently onto the north inside bank of the fishing famous sandspit. A light spattering of rain fell but it was not nearly enough to curb the enthusiasm of this particular fishing family.

It wasn’t a few minutes before a shiny new little Indian Mirror Kingfish picked on my little hook and ‘mombakkies’ were gone. The fish were biting.

And then. Bang! Our tiny little five-year-old standing on the table next to me for height is doubled over on a fish. The line was pulling left and right and by the time I got my camera rolling, little Siri was well in control. She had a natural and smooth pump and wind technique, far smoother than many adults I seen.

Flagtail, also known as…sand gurnard, flatheads…and all sorts, are found all over the tropical and sub-tropical world, and in Australia, have a huge following. Why? Since they are a bit ugly? Well…they taste great! That’s why. Flakey white fillets. Easy on the braai or grill. All round excellent table fish. And so much fun to catch! They fight doggedly to the end. They are tough too, and release very well if you have already caught one for the braai.

Flagtail are also quite enthusiastic. They take lures like soft baits. They jump on a well placed fly. And they readily take a piece of sardine or squid bait.

Come and catch your own Flagtail with The Sardine team in Port Shepstone right now. Although we are really busy, we will always be able to squeeze a fishing trip in somewhere.

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A Mydo Luck Shot Mini caught flathead aka flagtail in the Umzimkulu River
A Mydo LuckShot caught flathead aka flagtail in the Umzimkulu River early morning fun sessions at the slipway

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