Tofo OceanFest 2019 starts 28th!

Tofo OceanFest 2019 starts 28th!

And the annual Tofo OceanFest 2019 starts 28th of December!

As with every year, there is a jam-packed sequence of events and entertainment lined up.

Some old faces, and some new! At Tofo OceanFest 2019.

Fatima’s is right on the beach at Tofo and becomes the epi-centre of the action each year. It gets real busy in Tofo over New Years. The best plan is to park your car and walk the evenings away.

Tickets are available for the duration of the festival, or night by night. Fatima’s guests are all included on the VIP list! For the entire time.

There is a lot to do in and around Tofo in the day time too. Ocean safaris and scuba trips embark all day every day, for the warm clear water and busy reefs off Tofo and Barra.

The fishing is great this time of the year, and you can spend a really interesting and fun day on the Inhambane Bay.

There is amazingly decent surf here in Tofo, even so out of season like it is now. There are all sorts of sandbanks and things to surf. For beginners and advanced alike. Enquire at reception at Fatima’s.

There is a lot of buzz and excitement about right now as preparations are made for the big show.

Here is a video from last year’s festival action!

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