Yowser Award for Mzansipoli by Nando’s

Yowser Award for Mzansipoli by Nando’s.

Yowser Award for Mzansipoli by Nando’s: The crew that churn out blockbuster and after blockbuster ad, for Nando’s, get this week’s Yowser Award.

Statistics show that you most likely have seen it already. But if not, what a tactical marketing masterpiece you are in for!

The ad campaign is so successful, that it is spurning merchandise of its own. Literally an unheard-of marketing coup.

Ok watch the video…

When you’ve stopped laughing…

The stats are staggering. This is first-class work in an extremely tough environment. And proves, if anything, once and for all, that it’s all about content. Good content. Long-lasting. Full-up in every way.

See above!

Another take-off is that content items, each on their own, have the ability to pour good times on your brand, individually. And indefinitely. A good video or photo can do more good for your brand than your entire website or Facebook page – to one customer or group of customers. Each content item, therefore, needs to be top-notch stuff. And targeted.

Who knows? Next thing your viral video spurns its own merchandise line of products?!

Yowser! Is all we can say here at The Sardine News.

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