Stumpy the Octopus announces YouTube channel: the MasterWaterman

Stumpy the Octopus announces new YouTube channel: the MasterWaterman

Jason Heyne. For those that don’t know this guy, well, let’s just say he spends more time in the water than out. I was introduced to Jason, in the late eighties, by Darrell Hattingh…another MasterWaterman.

Darrell and I were being chased all over the KZN south coast as we hopped from spot to spot looking for good water to jump into. By a super eager Jason, in his battered but reliable and almost inconspicuous beige camouflaged Peugeot station wagon. Yip, the one with the air suspension.

We were all hustling back then, shooting fish to keep going. An extremely glamorous existence actually. Totally illegal. Being chased by Cedric and his team of the then highly effective and militant Natal Parks Board. We all stopped these shenanigans with a bit of age, Darrell pursues his illustrious marine art career these days, and Jason is an IT professional.

Luckily Jason has put some his computer skills to good use as of late and has produced an all-new YouTube channel. To back up his ongoing and informative dive reports.

Wahoo included in this weeks KZN spearing news by MasterWaterman Jason Heyne
Jason Heyne checks in…with reliable and accurate KZN spearfishing reports weekly.

Called the MasterWaterman, Jason is shooting on his dives and coming home for an edit. And if this first video is anything to go by, we are in for a breath-holding journey into Jason’s underwater life. And underwater friends.

Like Stumpy the Octopus. This guy lives on a reef near Umhlanga and has become Jason’s new best mate. Stumpy even jumps onto Jason’s back as he swims off and shoots a garrick! And then when Jason was packing up to swim back in through the surf zone, Stumpy said goodbye with a wave of his tentacles and jetted off back to his spot on the reef?

Enjoy the picture show…

The MasterWaterman YouTube Channel has started!

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