Praia do Tofo December 2019 Activities

Praia do Tofo December 2019 Activities

The tropical and hot summer weather has come to Praia do Tofo, and along with it, the good times. The scene on the wide-open beach is magical – surfers and sunbathers making the most of the over thirty-degree temperatures. Divers are in and out of the water all day long as the water itself warms towards thirty degrees too (last year we recorded a record-breaking 33-degree water temperature!).

The little beach market with its restaurants and bars is bustling again.
In fact, the whole of Mozambique seems to be on the boil. It is certainly improving over the last few years of doldrums up here. Many more people seem to be coming to visit. From all corners, just like old times.

The roads are fantastic nowadays, the police have calmed down, and that new bridge over Maputo Bay really opens things up for Durban people to jet across, and be in the colourful Praia do Tofo in a day. Spending a night in Ponto D’Ouro or Maputo is an easier and more option.

In Tofo this year, there is a lot going on, and so much to do…daytime activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Surfing: for advanced surfers there is Tofinho, and for beginners, the Tofo Bay waves are perfect for learning
  • Fishing: you can go deep sea, on big marlin rigged boats, or rock and surf fishing, by foot. Or fishing in the huge water of the Inhambane Estuary, so much fun as little kingfish and snapper and all sorts maraud the fishing spots. All our fishing activities are tag and release, we are totally conservation and research-oriented
  • Diving: often rated as being in the very top few dive spots listed in the world, there is PADI Scuba, and ocean safari adventure trips on offer too.
  • Day on the Bay: the Inhambane estuary is full of surprises and wonder. Seahorses might be the main attraction, along with dolphins and fish, that move in and out of the estuary with the tides. Our dhow has sails and a motor! And we include snorkeling equipment. Bring your own drinks, we have coolers. Lunch and snacks are laid on by us.
  • Inhambane Town: this quaint and historic little seaside town has a magical air about it. Maybe it’s the huge cathedral that overlooks the bay? Maybe it is the ancient mosques? The romantically designed cinema? The ageing hotels? The chic little restaurants and bars? This is one cool little town to hang out in.

Night-time activities in Tofo are famous! December is really a fun month. And with the sun coming up before 4am, all-nighters always end up with a swim in the ocean! And if you are lucky enough to be here over New Year’s, the Ocean Festival run by Fatima’s each year, is a week-long blast.

You can find out more about each day time activity on offer by The Sardine News, on

Or, for all of the above activities, get in touch with Sean on or WhatsApp +27 79 326 9671. The Sardine team is in Mozambique this year, operating between Inhaca Island and the Bazaruto Archipelago.

We are to help make your dream holiday come true, in Mozambique this year.

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