Marlin Research & Conservation by Captain Duarte Rato on Bazaruto Island

Click on over to Captain Duarte Rato’s to learn about how FishBazaruto has been committed to marlin research over quite some years now. And how the time put in has started to produce amazingly important results for black marlin conservation.

Check it out…

Marlin Research & Conservation

Over the last few years marlin research has been on top of Duarte’s priorities. He has believed that the nature of the behaviour of black marlin in the Bazaruto season, points to spawning. Duarte has observed the huge momma fish – the thousand pounders, being courted by a bunch of eager males, on many, many occasions. We have too, even last season we hooked a huge girl who threw the hook. The hapless bonito was chowed straight away after, by a smaller guy of about 300lbs. One of a dozen swimming with her. Check that video here.

After the great results reported, Duarte now wants to move into satellite tagging, and is looking for sponsors to help with this important next step. You can get hold of Duarte through his website at or email

Getting involved in marine research is a really cool thing you can do with your time and resources. The Sardine News charters have long focused on released, and are tagging with the Oceanographic Research Institute. Check out our many options at the Travel and Trips menu above. The Mozambique marlin and gamefish season is barely a few months away, so get in touch to get a booking in. We have many options at many different levels. Many boats to choose from. Many places to stay. Get in touch on (Sean) or WhatsApp +27 79 326 9671.

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