Video: April 2019 KZN and Transkei Floods Take 2

April 2019 KZN and Transkei Floods Take 2

Nothing is funny when a situation like this affects people you know. Many people have been displaced, lost their homes and possessions, and worse, friends or family have died.

But now, the weather is gone, the sun is shining, but many people are counting the cost of the devastation.

Here is a second compilation of video sent in my Sardine viewers/readers, and helps to put the damage in perspective.

Many thanks to the people who sent this material in to us.

In the meantime, Cyclone Kenneth is poised to rock Pemba. TODAY.

Cyclone Kenneth Satellite Update 4/24
Cyclone Kenneth makes it’s way over the channel to Pemba.

700 000 People could be affected adversely if Cyclone Kenneth continues it’s warpath into Mozambique and Tanzania. Which it looks to be doing. It has slowed down and is using this respite to gather strength. Winds are predicted at over 200kmh.

Let’s hope the people living in these regions have had more warning than the Cyclone Idai victims had. And are making preparations right now.

Stay posted.

Cyclone Kenneth looking angry. Image via SA Weather Service @SAWeatherServic
Another shot of Kenneth

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