Video footage of KZN and Transkei flooding

Video footage of KZN and Transkei flooding

Video footage of KZN and Transkei flooding : Thank you to all the contributors for sending in the videos used to compile this roundup of visuals from some of the more spectacular spots.

A video roundup of flood conditions at a few places up and down the KZN and Transkei coastline.

Uvongo Falls looks like Niagra. ALL the rivers are flowing with many blind ones now burst through. The rainfall was intense enough near the coast to liberate these stagnant rivers this time round.

Holidaymakers are urged not to travel today. Many of the roads through and around Durban are closed or unusable. As you can see in the opening clip above.

Although this type of flood is a naturally occurring event that needs to happen every so often, there are definitely more and more adverse weather events happening here and worldwide. And they have more and more intensity. Speculation that these anomalies are caused by global warming is rife. And the points are sharp and valid.

Add all the plastic being hurtled towards out deep blue sea right now and we can identify that man really is making shit on this planet.

I apologise for going on and on about plastic pollution, but once again, check the video and the images that follow, to see where I am coming from each time.

It is only up to us, right at the first use of the plastic we use. It is going to require a huge mental shift and a monumental effort on all of our parts. BUT, we can, and really have to, make a difference.

The Sardine News teamed with NuStyle Steel Services in Johannesburg, and we now produce a plastic shredder good for the home or small business.

ShredderONE by The Sardine News and Nu-Style Steel

You can read all about the philosophy behind the shredder machine at the following link. The Philosophy behind ShredderOne.

In the meantime, batten down the hatches!

From Rob Nettleton down in Port St. Johns…

Wind Guru for the next few days…

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