RISE – Together for Mozambique (Official Music Video)

RISE – Together for Mozambique (Official Music Video)

Cyclone Idai has left Beira and surrounds in a real mess. But it would have been far worse if not for the humanitarian aid that poured in.

The effort came from far and wide as governments donated aircrafts full of equipment and personnel. Navies lent ships. Armies lent helicopters. Fishermen lent boats. Farmers lent tractors. Transport companies sent trucks up and down. And individuals and emergency organisations gave their all. Too many to mention but even one.

And so, to commemorate this the biggest natural disaster of it’s type to ever hit Mozambique or surrounds, here is a song, put together by the good folks on Maputo.


Thank you to Captain Duarte Rato (FishBazaruto) for sending us this music video. And a huge thank you to all those who got involved. From the people of Beira and surrounds.

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