Plastic Shredding Philosophy for ShredderONE

Plastic Shredding Philosophy for ShredderONE

Dealing with plastic pollution one item at a time with a plastic shredder machine.

There are very many ways, and many different people, already deployed in recycling plastic. It is a huge industry nowadays.

But it’s far from enough to solve the problem of plastic in the environment.

Recent flooding near here in Mozambique will have dragged hundred if not thousands of tonnes of plastic with it into the ocean. Where it slowly decays, absorbs toxins that are in the ocean, and is then eaten by sea life.

This next recent incident report shows exactly how big the problem is. A baby turtle was recently found and rescued but died a few days later from ingesting plastic. Tiny pieces. Some fishing line. Scraps that must have looked like food to his little eyes.

That is but one tragedy of this nature. Whales. Seabirds. Fish. Are all eating plastic right now. The smaller it gets, as it decays, the more likely sealife will eat and ingest it. And when the small sealife get eaten by big sealife, they too get the plastic.

Starting at the source

This is where we can start making a difference in our daily lives. Starting at the source. The kitchen. Your vehicle. Boat. Factory. We can separate and clean the plastic we use. As in. Finish a milk bottle. Rinse the remaining milk out with water. Remove the HDPE lid and retainer. And…


Based on Dave Hakkens’ blueprints (from the Netherlands), and made by NU-Style Steel in Johannesburg, the ShredderONE machine is the first step in your individual or business’ effort to curb more plastic from going into the environment.

Shredding pure forms of each plastic, cleaning it and bagging it, generates revenue. Markets for recycled plastic exist all over.

However, it is where these markets don’t exist, and where transportation to these markets is cost prohibitive, that the ShredderONE shines. The shredders sheer power can destroy PET bottles. Plastic bags. Polystyrene. Literally any plastic that you can shove into it’s teeth. Once this mix is cleaned in water, it is good to go as…


This is our philosophy for outlying operations such as hotels and lodges. Or other remote establishments.

Shred the plastic that is lying around, on the beach, in the rubbish dump…wherever you can remove plastic from the environment, and stick it in the ground. How? By putting 10 to 20% shredded plastic into a concrete mix, and making roads, floors and pathways (not pillars or decks).

Some YouTube inspiration for you…

Recycling technology in a hundred years time will easily recycle the plastic/concrete material again if needed. But for now, it has no chance of killing sea life or any other life.

And here are the scientific communities research results and opinions…they have even started calling it “green concrete’!


About “Green Concrete”

Green concrete is concrete containing an element of waste material in it’s constituent ingredients.


This is where we can go with ShredderONE – by taking steps to stop more and more plastic from going into the oceans.

And removing whatever plastic we can get our hands on.

The full product description for ShredderONE is available here.

If you are interested in plastic recycling like this, please feel free to get in touch with Sean on +27 79 326 9671 or email and let’s work something out together.

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