Cyclone Idai – urgent medical supplies required

Cyclone Idai – Urgent Medical Supplies Required

We need these supplies which will be administrated by Gift of the Givers. The Aero Clube of Moçambique, along with Mercy Air and African Parks will provide aerial support for distribution.

Tania Vieira is handling collection points in Maputo and Matola 844607209

Henk Fensham is handling collection points in South Africa
+27 (60) 972-4202

Deadline for Maputo and Matola delivery is Monday night. Aero Club of Moçambique will fly the supplies to Vilanculos and then we will distribute it with our helicopter from there onwards.

Staff Establishment:
•Doctor X 1
•Midwifery X 2
•Nurses – First Aid X 2
•Laboratory Tech X1
•Pharmacist Tech X 1
•Vaccine Tech X 1
•General Workers X 5

•Labour room
•Consulting rooms
•Vaccine room
•Admission room
Offices (Dir. & Dr)

Medication Needed
•Malaria Medication •Malaria Rapid Test Kit
•IV Fluids(Admin sets &
IV jelcos)

Chronic Meds
•Topical Ointment
•TB treatment

•R otovirus
•Chicken pox

•Surgical gloves
•Sanitary pads
•Linen savers
•Toilet paper(admitted
adult diarrhea pt)
•Disinfectent wound
cleaning solutions
•Handwash- Disinfectent
•Cleaning disinfected
(floor and equipment)
•Linen savers
•Hypodemic needles
•IV Jelcos and admin
•Nasogastric tubes
•Urinary catheters
•Urine bags

Diesel for Big Generator to run the whole CHC with electricity.

Note should be taken that;

Dr said he got around 100 to 150 patients a day.
There is need for food aid for sleeping over patient(e.g Just gave birth and living far)

Gavin Neil
Aero Clube de Moçambique

Cyclone Idai – urgent medical supplies required

Details on how to help these guys can be found here…

Gift of the Givers – (Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Account No. 052278611, Branch Code 057525, ref: Floods)
Wings like Eagles – a charity aviation association with it’s own planes and choppers ( you can donate at

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