Cyclone Idai – What it’s like on the ground

Cyclone Idai has come and gone, but her disastrous wake will keep her fresh in our shocked minds. The devastation is startling.

Two more testimonials relating the absolute devastation and loss of life. And this is still only in the Beira area. Whole villages have disappeared. Crocodiles are everywhere.

90% or more, of rooftops, are gone. Reed houses are no more. The floods have slowed but not stopped, as the vaste catchment of the Zambezi slowly drains. The Save River is swollen right out of her banks, but has finally abated as of yesterday morning.

But it will be weeks for all of the rainwater to find it’s way to the ocean. And still, days for the water to subside at Ground Zero.

Where rescue efforts are going on currently.

But it’s not just Beira. All the way to Zimbabwe and Malawi, thousands and thousands of people lost their homes and were displaced. Many drowned. The death toll grow for weeks and weeks now.

But the guys on the ground. The many official and unofficial groups of rescuers, medical personnel, volunteers, pilots, fund-raisers, runners, dogsbodies…are hard at work.

And they need financial help and supplies. Aviation fuel. Normal fuel. Water. Food. Medical. To keep going. Obviously, the Mozambican Government were never remotely prepared for anything like this. Or ever will be. And anyone else willing and able, is now filling the huge gap left by the current politicians and powers.

People like the Gift of the Givers. And local communities banding together. Individual volunteers. Generous donors. Businesses. It’s unbelievable the selflessness these special people conduct themselves with.

Here are the details of the ones I have gathered together so far. Every Rand, Dollar, Euro or Metical, will help.

Aero Club Moçambique

The first in the list are these amazing pilots from Maputo, who at every cyclone, drop everything to help. Aero Club Moçambique, their banking details are on their official letter below.

Cyclone Idai victims need you to help these guys with donations. Right away!
Cyclone Idai victims need you to help these guys with donations. Right away!

Movimento Muculmano in Maputo

Then this next Maputo crowd of do-gooders, who have already dispatched a shipload of emergency personnel and supplies. This very morning.

Vilankulos Community Spirit

And then our very own dedicated and concerned community in Vilankulos. Using their WhatsApp Group, a real concerted effort has been made by everyone there. A truckload of supplies left this morning. And more will follow today. Rescue teams are being put up, and fed en route. Money is being raised. This is where they are raising funds… is where you could spread the word and help with (the link sounds odd, but in her rush to get it live, and struggling with intermittent connection during the rain, the lady in charge used this link to get it live)

Gift of the Givers

These guys were literally first to leave for Beira, after the cyclone hit. For some days they were just trying to get communications up and running so as to get the word out.

Financial contributions into Gift of the Givers, Standard Bank, Account No. 052278611, Branch Code 057525, ref: Floods.
You can also deposit with them via their website at

Please consider donating wherever you can. Some organisations are banking in Mozambique, making for complications. So donate via the GoFundMe link above. Or the Gift of the Givers, also above, if from South Africa.

We will update with more avenues of assistance for the thousands upon thousands of Cyclone Idai victims in trouble right this moment.

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