Marlin Cup South Africa 2019 hosted by Meerensee

The Marlin Cup South Africa hosted by Meerensee Skiboat Club is on. Dates are 28th March to 1 April this 2019.

The Meerensee guys up in Richard’s Bay are blessed with rich marlin fishing grounds. And a harbour! The place looks like the exclusive Florida Keys or Cairns, as marlin fishers line the beautiful wharfs and jetties.

But you don’t have to launch from Richards Bay as St. Lucia and even Durban are recognised launch sites.

The advanced thinking release format of the South Africa Marlin Cup also means that by applying technology to the rules, video especially, the contest can be run over multiple venues.

This new thinking format has been evolving beautifully and another spin off is the super video footage being captured. Which can be played that evening or prize giving. One day it might all be live back to the mainland for all to be a part of.

See you there!

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