September Bazaruto action in video. 18 mins of chaos!

September Bazaruto action in video. 18 mins of chaos!

September Bazaruto: It’s been a fast-paced season up in Bazaruto and surrounding spots. The whales came right on time as usual. Followed smartly by the bait and marlin. Whale sharks have returned. And the zambezi sharks were eager takers in our tagging initiatives ( by Calum Murie, Dr. Mario Lebrato, and the Bazaruto Centre for Scientific Studies).

The whales were being closely watched by a cool team of cetacean specialists from Israel. Their brief to the BCSS crew was intense. Recording conversations between mother and calf humpback whales. But after a few weeks, they managed to deploy their array perfectly and the got the tracks needed for analysis.

The video contains some promotional information from the good ship Catsanova,and her rather cool tender – Reflection. These two boats are on offer as your own fleet as you wander around the calm waters of the bay and islands. Or head out to sea after the monsters that live right there. The boat is huge, well at 44ft, it can sleep a bunch. Powered by outboards. All perfectly maintained. Captain Dean Taylor is in charge. He knows the area very well. He features strongly in the movie too.

MYDO Lures feature nicely. They are just the greatest at catching bait. And snoek. And couta. And kingfish. Of which there are quite a few featured in the movie. Luck shots here. And SS Spoons here.

Get in touch if you like this stuff and would like to join in the action. We have many options including the Catsanova fleet.

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