Sardine Report June 2018

Sardine Report June 2018

Sardines everywhere!

The radio waves are abuzz with sardines. The little fish have put on a great show so far this 2018. Sporadic sightings have become more consistent and adrenalin is kicking in hard.

There was a vehicle accident at the Port Shepstone robots. Businesses have been randomly closing. Swimming in the ocean is banned. Tackle shops are jammed. And all fishing spots. WhatsApp is taking strain.

It’s on!

It appears that most action happens real early each morning. Sharks and other predators ambushing shoals at first light. Driving them to the beach. To within casting range.

The fish of your dreams is swimming around out there right now. Kingfish. KOB. Couta. Snoek. Cobia. Garrick. Queenfish. Sailfish. Dorado. Marlin. Amberjack. Shad. Yellowfin of all sorts…

And then there are the sharks. Zambezis. Coppers. Black tip. Oceanics. Tigers. Even Whites! Eagerly accepting a throw down. This new army of sporting anglers who have made tug-of-war with sharks a national past time, are all over the rocks and beaches. Some even have drones! And very high powered coffee grinders. Holding on tight! Releasing all, its become great entertainment up and down.

On the beach prices for sardines of up to R1400 a crate have been reported. And then down to R400 at some nets. The usual confusion of other species of bait fish adding to the excitement by impersonated sardines is going on too. But some spectacular catches of mackerel and red eyes have been made.

Its very hard to explain the rapture that envelopes you, when you are part of a sardine run. You will never forget the feelings of complete excitement and fervour, as you watch one of natures biggest events unfold before you.

Just stop at the traffic lights and bag limits!

Pic: the Sandspit in Port Shepstone has seen a lot of action as usual. Hot spot every year.

2 comments for “Sardine Report June 2018

  1. Charles
    Jul 1, 2018 at 2:54 pm

    Hi Sean, hope you are doing well. I want to come down to Shelly to find some sardine for my annual fishing trip to Cape Vidal, do you think its worth my time, regards, Charles Boksburg

    • Jul 1, 2018 at 4:17 pm

      Hi Charles. Thanks for staying touch. Man, you should get down to the coast, and fast. Not only are there heaps of early sardines this year, but also red eyes and mackerel of all sizes and shapes. Such cool baits. Let me know if you are coming, I will be there tomorrow too! Cant wait! They been coming out all over the place!

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