Better late than never! Spearfishing by Jason Heyne

Better late than never! Spearfishing by Jason Heyne

Every now and then, a news post slips between the cracks. This was last weeks Spearfishing by Jason. Who is as reliable as ever….and delivered his report on time as usual.

Tomorrow will see his on time report on Friday. Informative and always accompanied by an action packed gallery.

The diving conditions have been average to good but the problem has been finding clean warm water. Cold water pulled in along the coast after a heavy north East on the weekend and the algae and plankton bloomed greening up the sea. Good news is that the sea is warning up again and there should be some viz around this weekend. Saturday is virtually windless up until mid morning when a light southerly wind blows into the afternoon with the swell at 1.6m. Sunday the winter north west offshore blows early switching to a light north East midday and the swell small at 1.4m . So Saturday and Sunday are looking good with Sunday being the better of the two days. Club merit fish goes to Marco with a bus Fulvie for local waters! As always dive safe and straight spears.

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