‘Gut ‘n Go’ takes the Hibberdene comp

‘Gut ‘n Go’ takes the Hibberdene comp

Roger Davidson got his son Finlay, and long time fishing compadre, Marc Lange, to crew for him at the annual Hibberdene Skiboat Club Comp, this year.

Its always a fun comp and draws back many loyal locals each year. And visitors. Its traditionally a couta classic type event and some incredible catches are made some years. But definitely not every year. The couta, which are around as can be seen by Jason Heyne’s weekly spearfishing report, just weren’t biting.

But Roger, Finlay and Marc found a few very early morning jube jube Bonnie’s and had them in the spread on Roger’s new boat, Gut n Go, in no time.

The first reel screamed! Couta sounding. But it wasn’t to be. A handsome hard fighting backline yellowfin it was though. One of three nice sized fish they managed to get into the boat. Well big enough to take top honours and a bunch of other goodies. Marc even won the nominated weight prize?!

A cobia was weighed, a nice deep water amberjack, and a few other nice species.

But literally no couta?!

That’s Finley Davison with the 15.2kg fish which was second biggest overall.

The King of the Sea comp was just held this weekend. Photos and reports trickling through. Hibberdene produced the goods and some great fish have been weighed.

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