Saving the Seas: Marine Reserves are the only way

Saving the Seas: Marine Reserves are the only way

Marine Reserves: Dr. Callum Roberts even features in this classic Attenborough style documentary, by National Geographic (written and presented by Joanna Sarsby), called…

Deep Trouble“.

The script follows Dr. Roberts’ comprehensive summation of the state of our oceans, in well…”The Unnatural History of the Sea”. A thoroughly disturbing, but very well presented book, that Roberts’ takes us through history with. Back to when there was 100% of the ocean life still living. And traces the demise of our marine fauna and flora, through the ages, and into our current technological and destructive fishing practices.

You can watch the whole documentary below, or click this link – – to get straight to the point, in the movie, of what we can do to save our ocean and it’s residents.

Facebook itself has shown to be a great platform where you can air your views and concerns, and assemble people into more unified collections. This impetus can be channeled into momentum and public voice.

As our new president and team ( and hopefully whole new government soon one day), have to pick up the pieces of wanton destruction caused by Zuma and his cronies and their fiscal shenanigans, perhaps it’s time to start putting real pressure on the decision and policymakers. For Marine Reserves. And to bring back the highly qualified Ezimvelo. The decision to hand over the thankless and huge task that Ezimvelo was doing so well (the policing and maintaining order on our shores), to the totally inexperienced and non-cohesive DAFF officials, was a government level budget decision, as the coffers were being emptied so very effectively by the government.

AT the moment, it is literally a free-for-all as the DAFF crew just don’t seem to be able to find purchase with their new task at all. Many places have not even seen an official since Ezimvelo were fired. Without reason. All those years experience now totally wasted.

So even though we have the semblance of a Marine Reserve ideology and policy and have a few dotted up and down our vast coastline – without effective policing, what good are they?

Bring back Ezimvelo! Give us more Marine Reserves!

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