Wahoo vs Spearos this autumn – by Jason Heyne

Wahoo vs Spearos this autumn

Spearing report by Jason Heyne

Wahoo are around in fair number as is reported by spearos up and own the KZN coast. The blue water has been coming right close in often, last weekend the water was a toasty 25.19 degrees. Just the way the Wahoo and Billfish like it. Yep, with the Wahoo come the Sailfish, and the Striped Marlin. The stripeys around here this time of year come in shoals.! And we can expect the second showing of dorado anytime soon. Especially with the recent downpurs and resulting brown water line.

Over to Jason…

Diving conditions have been average this week with one or two day’s being excellent. Autumn fish are here with shoals of 10kg spannish mackerel around and wahoo putting in an appearance . Saturday a light  southwest blows early switching to a light to moderate northeast later in the day with a negligible swell of 1.3m running. Sunday a light to  moderate offshore blows in the morning switching to a moderate onshore in the afternoon with the swell running at 1.6m. So      Saturday gets100 percent green light for a  dive with game fish switching on as the onshore starts to blow. Fish of the week goes to Luke with a  slab of a wahoo and club merit fish goes to Garrett with a bus  Queen Fish. As always dive safe and straight spears.


Thank you Jason!

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