Looking for a Holiday Home in Tofo?

Looking for a Holiday Home in Tofo?

Are you looking for a Holiday Home in Tofo? Check out Casa Frenzy…

Casa Frenzy is a super cool and big enough house for diving and surfing families – who want to take a relaxing break in a Holiday Home in Tofo

Ideally situated on the shoreline only a few clicks north of the marvelous Praia do Tofo beach and partying town. Casa Frenzy is set snugly into the indigenous vegetation directly behind the primary beach dune. It’s a 100 meter walk and you are in the warm clear Indian Ocean. Swimming or snorkeling your time away.

Then you might be prepared to hit the deep blue, and jump with the whale sharks, mantas, and dolphins that Tofo has become internationally known for. The reefs and ocean life in Tofo are rich and fascinating. There are heaps of reefs and dive spots between far Barra in the north, and Manta Reef, in the south. In between these two extremes, must be 20 named scuba spots.

Enjoy this cool video by ArtSurfer, shot by Renske Massing, with underwater companion Zito, a little while ago – in December 2017.

More about the enthralling town of Tofo…

  • Loads of dive centres to choose from
  • snorkelling or scuba
  • surf lessons for beginners and advanced
  • Island trips and dhow travels
  • Beachcombing
  • sport angling
  • vehicle and boat rental
  • Inhambane City visits
  • nightlife
  • local and international cuisine
  • fresh seafood daily
  • fresh foods grown right in Tofo
  • Coconuts and cashews
  • Tipo Tinto Rum and 2M cerveja

There are really so many things for everybody to do in and around the Praia do Tofo area. The Inhambane Bay allures with it’s enchanted islands and purple blue channels. Complete peace and quiet and accessible to everybody in the family or tour group. The swimming and snorkeling at Barra is terrific and you may even become a close acquaintance with a little seahorse or two.

So click on over to our newly updated Casa Frenzy page and connect through the easy as form…


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Post prepared by The Sardine News.

“Holiday Home in Tofo”


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